About Us

Steelway Engineering Pty Ltd began trading on the Sunshine Coast in 1985 and quickly demonstrated to local industry its versatility as a business committed to on-time delivery and high quality workmanship. It grew its reputation as a specialist CNC Machining and Fabrication workshop with the capabilities and skill set to embrace many types of material machining and fabrication work.     

Steelway has built its long history on providing and maintaining partnerships with its key clients by understanding their business requirements. Some of our customer relationships date back to the early’90’s and have been built on trust, reliability, partnership and open communication.

At Steelway, our key personnel have years of experience in all aspects of traditional engineering and CNC machining. We are able to work with all types of material and machining specifications and have the technology and expertise to deliver components that will meet extremely high standards of quality and precision.

Our tradespeople are highly skilled and regularly provide customers with modern alternate processing methods which generate the same or higher quality items at a lower cost. We are attuned to the needs and requirements of our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction on delivery.

Our Personnel

At Steelway, we believe the key to business success is the people that work within it and we are proud to recognise our team members as the backbone of our growth and reliability.

Our aim is to provide all our clients with the best possible service using our own qualified and highly skilled tradespeople with a combined tenure of 100+ years in the industry. We have been able to attract and retain extremely competent employees and are proud of the professional team environment we have here at Steelway.

Our Achievements

Our reputation is everything and our long held customer relationships are testament to Steelway’s customer centric culture

We take nothing for granted and challenge ourselves daily to improve our processes and procedures for the benefit of our customers. Our focus is always based on total customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves in our open and regular lines of communication.

Our in-house processes demand efficiency and strict quality control measures to ensure that orders are manufactured and delivered on time and on budget.

Whether you require a single component, a small production run or something more comprehensive Steelway has the technology and expertise to deliver components that will meet extremely high standards of quality and precision.