CNC Lathes

CNC Lathe Header Image.jpg

Steelway Engineering’s compliment of CNC machinery includes 3 high tech CNC lathes (Turning Centres) and 2 x CNC milling machines capable of 2 and 4 axis operations. Our Haas SL30 has a C-axis machining option (milling) which allows the machine to perform secondary operations without the need of refixturing, thus making it a great machine for one operation machining. Our exclusive software from ONECNC aids in programming our machines to provide quick turn around times in the manufacture of all rotary and prismatic parts to our customer specifications. These machines service local and interstate customers in the manufacture of various components ranging from aerospace, automotive, mining and pump manufacture. Our talented machine operators take care of every aspect of the machining phase and have a combined wealth of knowledge of 60 years.

The machine shop also has an array of conventional milling machines, radial drills, a surface grinder, cold saw,off hand grinder,drill and tool grinder, bianco auto band saw and a 35 tonne shop press.